Not a Bookkeeper...

You Were Called to Ministry, Not To Be a Church Bookkeeper...

Church Bookkeeping Information

We're here to answer questions about church plant bookkeeping, clear up mis-conceptions and hopefully be a resource to help you as a planter understand and navigate your way through managing and maintaining your church's finances.

Church Bookkeeping Resources

Check around for tools and resources available to help you manage your church bookkeeping and accounting.  These tools will help simplify your church bookkeeping and accounting!

Church Bookkeeping Service

We'll do the work for you!

Our Simplify Church Bookkeeping System will the work of keeping your books so you can focus on ministry!

While you're here,
Find Out How Affordable Outsourced Church Bookkeeping For Your Church Plant Can Be!

Our unique, custom Simplify Church Bookkeeping System is designed with you as a Church Planter in mind.  Our packages start as low as $199 per month specifically with your budget in mind.  We partner with your ministry to handle the accounting and bookkeeping so you can focus on ministry.

Church Bookkeeping in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1.Fill Out Information In Our Portal

Our Simplify Church Bookkeeping System and our proprietary portal makes managing the accounting and bookkeeping for your church simple and easy.

Step 2. Our Team Does The Work

Your Designated Church Bookkeeping Specialist will handle the transactions and all necessary details for you.

Step 3. Sit Back and Focus on Ministry

We'll handle the bank reconciliation and provide you with monthly reports so you'll know exactly what's going on, so you can rest assured your finances are taken care of.