Church Plant Bookkeeping Services

Simple Solutions to Grow Your Ministry

Online Bill Pay

Submit bills to be paid or expenses you've paid using the Church Debit or Credit Card. We'll do the accounting on the back-end for you.

Donor Management

Donors are the life blood of your ministry.  Our Simple tool keeps track of individual donations and makes creating Contribution Statements a breeze!


Each month your Church's Account Manager will reconcile to the bank and produce a simple, easy to read and understand financial report for your church.  You're a pastor not an accountant, we'll provide the information you need to make ministry decisions.

Scalable System

You're striving to grow the ministry, our system is uniquely designed to scale with your ministry growth.  As you increase, we're here to provide a system that matches that growth curve.

Cloud Based System

For many churches, their financial system is dependent on a single computer.  For others, that system is handled with pen and paper.  Let us setup your ministry with a secure, cloud based accounting system where you can rest assured your financial records are safe.

Focused on Ministry

Plenty of services can say they help churches but we're the only one's designed by pastors, for pastors.  We get the rigors of ministry and we're here to partner with you.

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Is Outsourced Church Bookkeeping Right For Me?

If you're like most pastors, how to manage the church finances is one of those necessary evils that falls low on your priority list.  It's probable that you're hoping it will just get taken care of, but you're not sure how.

Let us show you how simple and easy our system is and why hundreds of church plants across the United States are choosing our Church Bookkeeping System.

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Choosing to partner with Simplify Church Bookkeeping is the best decision I've made since planting our church.  They make my life less stressful and I can rest assured they are taking care of us.

JC - Washington DC